Project Description

Converter MC406

The MC406 is the new high-efficiency, Technologically advanced battery powered electronic converter from Euromag, combining high performances and dedicated applications solutions to a low cost of ownership

Up to 10 years of battery life allows maintenance free of operation. Battery pack is then easily replaceable, all data are automatically stored in the internal EEPROM memory and no data will be lost


  • Abstraction and distribution
  • Revenue and bulk metering
  • Irrigation
  • Waste water and treatment
  • Leak detection systems
  • Any remote application with no access to mains power


  • Compact: horizontal or vertical (typically pit installations).
  • Separate (Remote): up to 30 meters of cable are supplied from factory.


Reliable and robust, polycarbonate case with 4 PG9 glands and aluminum bottom on compact vertical configuration

Data security

Excellent data security given by the internal EEPROM memory. Enhanced security in data and parameter storage; built-in data logger with over 100.000 data lines capacity (more than 3 years of data under factory settings). Cycle memory, old data will be overwritten by new ones when full capacity is reached. This software is supplied with the unit to allow users to communicate with the 406 via Ircom port to any pc, lap top or windows tablet. Easy data download and management, easy programming

Advanced self-diagnostic performs a wide range of essential checks automatically

Low flow detection

Combined to the Euromag MUT2300 sensor series, the MC406 is capable to read flow velocities of 0.015 m/s (MID-OIML R49 certified)

MC406 is compatible with the complete line of sensors from Euromag

Full bore units up to DN 600, and with any insertion sensors

Remote data reading

With advanced display information, on-site data collection and remote monitoring via GSM/GPRS network, the MC406 allows any customer to access all the information, easily and at no cost

Add on communication module automatically sends the information via SMS, e-mail (with or without attachment) and to free access using any browser and with personal ID and password, also on smart phones and tablets

Add on modules of temperature and pressure readying, make the MC406 one of the most complete electronic converter for electromagnetic flow meters available, giving to the end user a full control over all the main parameters of its network, reducing cost of programming, installation and maintenance

One unit supplying flow – pressure – temperature, all at the same time

Always verified

On-site verification available with the Euromag FIELD VERIFICATOR



کاتالوگ صفحه نمایشگر MC406