Project Description

Sensor MUT2300

The MUT2300 Sensors represent the state of the art of Euromag International production for water cycle and process application. The innovative inner part of the sensor that increase considerably the liquid flow rate and the reading accuracy of sign generated to the electrodes, enables an extremely wide range of measurement

This performances allow to measure also low flow rates precisely and repeatable, even in difficult/Problematic applications with solid parts

This flanged sensor series bases its operation on the Faraday Principle, by which a conductor crossing a magnetic field generates and electrical potential perpendicular to the field itself. On the top and on the lower side of the stainless steel AISI 304 flow tube, two coils are installed; the magnetic field generated by the electric current crossing the coils, includes in the electrodes a potential difference proportional to the flow rate

With the aim of measuring such potential of every low values, the interior of the flow tube is electrically insulated, thus the process liquid is no longer in contact neither with the material of the flow tube nor with that of the flanges

The converter used generates the current supplying the coils, acquires the electrodes potential difference, process the signal to calculate the flow rate and manage the communication with the exterior. The entire sensor has a IP68 degree Protection suitable for the permanent immersion in water up to a depth of 1.5m

Body and flange

The flanges and the sensor external surface are acrylic painted. This treatment gives the sensor an excellent resistance to water and external agents even in permanent immersion or buried. The MUT2300 may be supplied in stainless steel, flanges included, or with a special paint ideal for application in C4 class environment (UNI EN ISO 12944-2)

Internal lining

The standard internal insulating lining is in Hard rubber (Ebonite) in compliance with WRAS, FDA and DM174 standards. The liquid temperature can reach 80°C. Thanks to its high resistance to scraping, the Ebonite is considered the best material for fluids containing scattered solids for applications of water treatment, residual water, potable water and irrigation


  • No moving parts
  • No parts inside of the flow Meter
  • No obstruction on the flow tube
  • Bi-directional measure
  •  Very low pressure loss
  • (below 1 m/s is irrelevant)
  • No periodic cleaning
  • Long lasting stability and precision, no filter needed, zero maintenance
  • Ideal for pit installations even for permanent immersion in water or buried installations
  • Accurate measure at high flow rate (firefighting systems) and at low flow rates (overnight flow rates)
  • Extremely sturdy structure, a dedicated robot welds all the parts, internal parts protected by a bi-component resin in order to increase protection from external agents

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کاتالوگ فلومتر الکترومغناطیسی MUT2300